Worst-Case Sanrio (kindofcrap) wrote,
Worst-Case Sanrio

Adam and I went shopping yesterday for nearly the entire day. He bought an external hard drive for his drum program and I bought a dress for nice events when I go back home. When we left Troy, it was snowing badly and the roads were not salted yet....Everyone on the freeway was driving about 50. One part of the freeway was especially bad. You couldn't see the road, nor the lines that divided each lane. At one point adam changed lanes and hit a really slippery spot. Our car spun out of control and we did a really fast 180, pointing us directly at the oncoming cars on the freeway. It was scary, but my car didn't get a scratch. Now that's somethin', ain't it!!!!!!! What's really somethin' is that I didn't get mad or freak out...I was kind of like, "ooooh good we're not dead,"....and then forgot about it. Thanksgiving was a blast and I am feeling a lot better than I did last week. I feel great.

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